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Who doesn’t want a little more privacy in their yard?

By Ed Ball | Published on September 15, 2021 | 2 min read

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No matter if your neighbors are close enough to touch or more than an acre away, we all want to feel like we are tucked into our own sanctuary when we are home. Thankfully there are many choices when it comes to privacy screens ranging from traditional to creative.

The phrase “fences make good neighbors” might work well for setting boundaries, but not all fences create privacy. Further, not all privacy fences are great to look at – for either neighbor. Thankfully there are more options than erecting a solid fence to create privacy and beauty in your yard.


Privacy Screens

As the name implies, privacy screens allow light and air to move through a structure but obstruct the view, creating privacy for the homeowner. Often built as sections of panels, privacy screens create a focal point by incorporating designs or using interesting materials.

Privacy screens are ideal for creating a secluded space and defining a particular area in your landscape. Homeowners often use them around outdoor living spaces to provide seclusion or offer shade during the hottest part of the day.

Screens can be created in nearly any material imaginable, from wood to PVC to metal. Many homeowners see it as an opportunity to add art to the landscape and incorporate custom panels as privacy screens. Screens are typically installed to be permanent but can also be mobile or fold out of the way when not needed.


Privacy Plantings

If an artificial screen isn’t preferred, consider using trees, hedges, or other plantings to create a backyard retreat. Natural plantings are versatile enough to create a formal screen to a more organic screen, simply by how the trees or shrubs are placed to provide privacy.

Evergreen shrubs or trees planted closely not only block out prying eyes, they also can a wind block or add shade. There are dozens of plants that would thrive in our conditions while offering reliable privacy year-round.

For a more subtle, organic look, those same trees and shrubs can be strategically placed throughout the landscape to obstruct the views of nosey neighbors or other unwanted views. This creates a more natural look while achieving the same goals.


Privacy Fencing

Fencing is a reliable choice for close quarters or when privacy cannot be obtained by other means. There are many ways to use fencing to block views while maintaining the style of your backyard. Fencing is particularly effective when there is a direct line of sight, for example, when patios overlook one another.

No matter your preference, privacy screens are more than a practical “fence” used to block. Today’s privacy screens range from original art pieces to organic plantings to beautifully imagined fences. Whatever you choose should not only provide solitude but also elevate your landscape.