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Top 5 Landscape Design Picks for Winter Entertaining

By Ed Ball | Published on December 05, 2019 | 2 min read

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 Looking to add some flair to your outdoors this winter? If yes, then you are in good company. Below is a list of some pretty fantastic landscape design ideas that will help you ensure your outdoors are not only popping but also livable despite the cold, harsh weather.

1. In-ground Hot Tub and Spa

Winters in Northern Virginia are pretty gentle, but they are also cold. That said, nothing beats the feeling of sitting in a hot tub, sipping on your wine, and catching up with friends on a cold winter evening. So if you’re looking for ways to make your outdoors livable this winter, consider investing in any of the mentioned. It’ll not only make your outdoors interesting in winter but in all the other seasons as well.

2. A Garden Room

If space is not an issue for you, then another amazing way to make your outdoors an exciting haven during winter is to add a garden room. The best bit about such rooms is that you could opt for any design you love. For instance, you could go for a small, fancy, and cozy cabin, a shepherd’s hut, or a beautiful, contemporary room with glass walls.

3. Fire pit

Nothing adds flair to a cold winter night than an outdoor fire pit. Adding one to your outdoor spaces, for instance, the patio or alfresco makes them not only warm and cozy but also creates an attractive focal point. A garden room is also another ideal outdoor space for a fire pit.

4. Consider Adding or Upgrading a Patio

If the idea of sitting in a hot tub or alfresco during winter isn’t for you, then you should consider adding or upgrading a patio. If you already have one, winterize it so it can be cozy for the coming cold months. For instance, invest in quality patio heaters, fire pit, wind-barriers, and even an in-built barbeque. You could also add an outdoor TV for an exciting movie or game nights during winter. If you don’t have a patio, consider adding one, and incorporate the mentioned.

5. Invest in Good Lighting

Whether you choose to go with the garden room idea, an in-ground pool or space, or a patio, the lighting you use ties everything together. It creates visual interest and adds character to your outdoor spaces at night, making them even more inviting. For instance, installing a string of lanterns all around your in-ground pool or the path leading to your alfresco or garden room makes these spaces more inviting even with the cold weather.

You can only make the awesome landscape ideas above reality by engaging the services of experienced landscape architects. So feel free to get in touch with us today through (703) 433-1863!