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Think a Pool Is Out of the Question? Think Again!

By Ed Ball | Published on June 22, 2021 | 1 min read

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A backyard pool is a popular request among homeowners who want to add luxury and enjoyment to their homes. Yet, the dream of having a pool is often met with the harsh realities of limited space, lengthy installation process, and ongoing maintenance commitment.


When we have conversations with clients about pools, we talk about why they want a pool to begin with, which often leads to a much simpler solution – a Soake® Pool.


A Soake Pool allows homeowners to cool off during our summer months, and it also acts as a hot tub in cooler seasons. Further, the Soake Pool has a small footprint and can fit into nearly any landscape.


Cool off, warm-up


EBLA installs many Soake Pools since they offer the enjoyment of a plunge pool and the relaxation of a hot tub. These New England-made pools come in several sizes and blend beautifully with any landscape design. Because they are pre-cast concrete, they arrive at the home ready for installation with minimal disruption to the family.


Once on-site, EBLA blends the Soake Pool into the design by covering the outer walls with hardscape and adding landscaping to customize the setting. The Soake Pool can also be installed in-ground and may not require an additional fence. The result is a stunning feature that provides relaxation and enjoyment year-round in a compact footprint.


Our clients also respond to the low-maintenance aspects of the Soake Pool. Less water needed, optional saltwater system, easy to keep warm in the winter, and fewer chemicals combine to make this pool as energy efficient as it is beautiful. Many of our clients shy away from the work needed to maintain a full-sized pool, unsure of the costs and time requirements. With a Soake Pool, maintenance concerns float away.


Of course, the most popular aspect of a Soake Pool is how quickly and inexpensively it can be installed into the home’s landscape. The lower cost also creates a higher return on investment, creating a more luxurious outdoor space that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons.


If you’ve been contemplating a pool but are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project, a Soake Pool may be the perfect solution for your landscape!