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The Five Best ROI Projects for Your Landscape

By Ed Ball | Published on June 01, 2022 | 2 min read

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There’s no question that landscaping projects can be significant investments in your home. As the largest asset most people own, you’ll want to be strategic in the improvements you make, whether they’re for resale or personal enjoyment.

Strategic landscaping improvements go a long way in expanding the functional usage and value of your property, including the curb appeal. Your real estate agent or landscaping professional can assist you in determining which upgrades will yield the highest return in raising your property values. We’ve summarized five projects which can yield the highest return on your investment.

Landscape design is an investment that continues to increase in value as the plants mature. Because of this aspect, your landscape should be one of the first improvements you make in order to allow your investment to literally grow. Landscape design goes beyond planting a few shrubs or improving the beds around your home. A professional designer can enhance the natural topography of your property, create purposeful outdoor spaces, and solve drainage issues and erosion. A designer will also look at the big picture and be able to create a plan that can be executed over several years if desired.

Outdoor kitchens are another investment that pays off. While it doesn’t count in the square footage of your home, creating an entertaining space adds usable gathering space to your property. Outdoor kitchens also leave a lasting impression with buyers when executed well. Be sure to consult with a designer to select a quality grill and other appliances that are made to withstand weather changes. In this region, a well-designed outdoor space can extend the time spent enjoying your property.

Good Maintenance might not be a sexy upgrade, but it’s crucial to improving the value of your home. Fixing cracked retaining walls, keeping up flower beds, adding mulch seasonally, and investing in professional pruning of trees can work to enhance your investment and signal to buyers that the property is meticulously maintained. On the flip side, cracks, weeds, overgrowth, and damaged trees can signal neglect and tell buyers there are hidden repair costs lurking. Similarly, maintaining your lawn, repairing bare spots, and employing proper irrigation can increase the value and presentation of your yeard.

Planting trees provides a measurable return on your investment since trees are considered a long-term investment. Mature trees not only enhance your landscape design, but strategically placed trees also can block wind or create shade, thereby helping control energy costs. Trees can also increase privacy by blocking sight lines to neighbors and defining private spaces. Be sure to maintain your investment by having trees professional pruned and dead branches removed quickly to preserve the health and beauty of your trees.

Outdoor lighting might not be on display during the day, but it can improve the beauty of your home and yard after dusk. Strategic lighting can show off your home’s architecture, define outdoor spaces, add visibility to paths, and provide safety to your home. The right lighting can also extend the time you can gather outdoors while being beautiful accessories for your property. If you are actively selling your home, be sure to encourage your realtor to tell prospective buyers to view the home at night to show how it stands above the competition.

Making smart choices when improving your outdoor spaces will always pay off in the long run. Just be sure to do them early enough, so your family gets to enjoy your projects!!