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Synthetic Turf and Possible Uses

By Ed Ball | Published on August 16, 2021 | 2 min read

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Synthetic turf used to get a bad rap. The “fake grass” of decades ago looked cheap, shiny, and, well, nothing like the real thing. Today that is far from the case as synthetic turf has evolved in every way.


Synthetic turf now is lush, a more natural green, and softer than ever before. As a result, artificial grass is used for much more than personal putting greens or desert landscapes – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


Here are some thoughts to get the ideas flowing:

Replace your lawn – create an expansive space that always looks beautiful and requires no water, no mowing, and no fertilizers.

Create play spaces for kids and adults alike – synthetic turf is perfect for kids’ play areas, putting greens, bocce ball courts, or soccer fields. It’s perfect for any high-traffic area.

Battle tough-to-grow areas: Everyone has an area where grass doesn’t grow as well, yet synthetic turf will never let you down.

Tame water and erosion issues: Whether you have a place that floods, or a spot where erosion is taking its toll, synthetic turf can help bring stability to trouble spots.

Create a place for Fido: Dogs can wreak havoc on a lawn. Whether dogs create dead spots, dig, or create traffic patterns, growing turf with lasting results is tough. Create a doggie-designated spot and enjoy the easy clean-up!


Perhaps you can predict many of the benefits to synthetic turf:

  • Say goodbye to watering the lawn; you’ll reduce your water bill immediately!
  • Enjoy more time to have fun in your yard instead of mowing, edging, fertilizing, aerating, and weeding! There is some maintenance, but it doesn’t compare to weekly mowing. Sell your mower, fire your lawn service! 
  • Your lawn will look beautiful, green, and uniform all year long without the rot that comes from winter snow or the burn from hot summer days.
  • Delight in a consistent playing surface for activities; no more tripping on mounds of grass or navigating rodent damage. 
  • Get creative with your yard’s design by incorporating different types of synthetic turf into your landscape. 
  • Are you allergic to grass and mold? Replacing your lawn with synthetic turf may ease your allergy response at home.
  • Appreciate how uniform your synthetic turf looks in sun, shade, or even in acidic conditions. The uniformity is one of its most appealing features.
  • Not a fan of pests? Without the organic elements of turfgrass, the insect population will relocate, leaving you to have fewer critters of all sorts.


With so many options in artificial turf, there is a product and a design to suit your landscape goals and bring year-round green to your yard. Tell your designer that you are willing to consider synthetic and watch the possibilities expand!