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Start Planning Your Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas Now

By Ed Ball | Published on September 14, 2020 | 2 min read

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For many of us, spending more time at home this season meant investing time and resources into our yards. But were you able to see all your landscaping dreams realized?

Adding a swimming pool, spa, or hot tub, is the ultimate way to create a backyard oasis that not only provides a long season of family fun but also ensures you’ll be the most popular gathering spot!

While our outdoor season is long, there isn’t quite enough time left to plan, design, and construct your swimming pool or spa this year. However, it is the perfect time to work with your design team to ensure your new water feature is ready to enjoy next summer.

Design now, enjoy in 2021

Getting a jump on swimming pool design will allow you to begin construction early in the spring and finish in time to create new summer memories by the pool. Work with your landscape designer to create a pool that blends naturally into your yard and enhances what’s already in place.

Swimming pool construction can be complicated and extends far beyond just digging a hole and filling it with water. The right team will help you select a location, shape, color, hardscape, and furnishings for your swimming pool as well as determine mechanical options and appropriate plantings. There’s a lot to consider when taking on a pool project.

Hot tubs and spas also involve similar concerns, albeit on a smaller scale. An experienced architect will ask how you intend to use your hot tub – all year? For therapeutic purposes? Monthly? Daily? While smaller in terms of volume, location, size, shape, color, and hardscape are all items to be addressed while designing and constructing your hot tub or spa.

Landscape architects and designers prefer to plan in the fall as there is much that can be done. The right partner will view your landscape as a whole and delve deeply into how you and your family intend to use this new feature. Utilizing the fall and winter seasons to plan will enable your team to move rapidly into swimming pool construction as soon as the danger of freeze is behind us.

You may think that we at Ed Ball Landscaping Associates are only about the plants – that’s not the complete picture. EBLA can work with you on swimming pool design through construction as well as create intimate areas for your hot tub or spa. Let us plan now so you can move to the top of the construction list next spring!