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Screened Porch, Three-Season Porch and Covered Spaces

By Ed Ball | Published on March 07, 2022 | 1 min read

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We love the outdoors but we cannot enjoy them all the time, can we? The right porch can allow you to enjoy the outdoors, at your home, without inconveniences like bugs, weather and unpredictable temperatures.

You can choose from three porch options depending on your budget, how far you want to be from the outdoors and your purpose for the space. You can choose between a Screened Porch, Three-Season Porch or Covered Space.

What’s the difference?

Screened porch

You get a roof or screened walls on your porch. While it will not protect you from everything outdoors, you will have plenty of safety from the sun and some insects. You can enjoy the outdoors, even in a slight drizzle during warmer months, but you need to remain indoors in more challenging weather conditions like winter.

The screened porch is a budget-friendly way to protect your furniture and enjoy the outdoors privately with your family.

Three-Season Porch

This is an upgrade to the screened porch. You will get a finished ceiling, walls and windows. You get better enclosure protection from unpleasant weather, springtime pollen and unwanted noise. It’s a great option through the three seasons – summer, spring and fall.

What’s an upgrade without extra features? You can add outdoor fans, permanent overhead lighting and electrical outlets for lamps, laptop and smartphones.

Covered Space/Sunroom

If you are looking for a four-season porch, a sunroom is what you need. Sunrooms come with insulation, heating, cooling plus a full foundation. This porch brings your indoor living space to the outdoors. With the sunroom, you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Your choice of an outdoor addition will depend on your budget and your purpose for the space. Do you need it all year round or for a couple of seasons? No matter which option you choose, additional outdoor space is a welcome addition for your family and guests.