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PREDICTION: The #1 HOTTEST Home TREND of 2018 will be…

By Ed Ball | Published on December 22, 2017 | 2 min read

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Whether you are talking home renovations, landscape architecture, or home makeovers, I can confidently predict to you what the hottest home makeover trend will be in Northern Virginia this coming 2018 year.

The answer might surprise you and it might help you too, specifically perhaps on what your next significant home upgrade should be. Any guesses?

Yes, pools are always popular, decks as well of course.

But to truly get to the hottest trend of 2018, we need to look at a bigger picture here.

So what is it? Well, it’s going to be a continuation of what people wanted the most in 2017.


That’s it in a nutshell. In other words, people want more “at home time” spent outdoors.

The people of Northern Virginia want to have an outdoor living space they can enjoy with their family and friends, and potentially entertain colleagues.

They want to come home from their busy day and be able to relax in an outdoor environment, whether its 100 degrees or 30 degrees outside.

Whether its having tea or coffee, or having a glass of wine or a beer, they want to spend more social time outside. They want a place where their kids don’t have to travel, so they can spend time with their friends and their family at home.

People of Northern Virginia tend to be very busy people too. They often can’t get away on vacation as much as they would want, so they want their own outdoor oasis to enjoy throughout the year.

So specifically, what does that translate to?

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Well, it could be a pool, deck, or hot tub as those are some of the most common outdoor upgrades. Or you could also add to that mix — a fire pit or outdoor kitchen. Or it could just be a really cool garden with lots of really cool plant materials that they could walk around and enjoy the space.

Regardless of the project, the main trend will be apparent — people want to spend more time outdoors in their own space.

So with that in mind, make sure to choose a home renovation project that will truly accomplish that goal. Don’t just build a pool because your neighbors did. Perhaps an exquisite outdoor home garden would truly get you outdoors more often, or perhaps an outdoor kitchen might be the true answer.

Think about it and contact me if you want me to help you live outdoors more or even create a 3-D Virtual Illustration of your dream project virtually completed!

Ed Ball is Principal Architect and Designer of Ed Ball Landscape Architecture — a premiere full-service landscaping company based out of Northern Virginia.


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