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Outdoor Trends for 2021

By Ed Ball | Published on November 10, 2020 | 1 min read

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Looking back a year, could anyone have predicted that not only would a pandemic reshape our lives but also ignite home design trends? Highly doubtful. And yet, that’s precisely what has occurred. We have spent so much more time at home thanks to COVID-19 that it spurred substantial moves to improve our home spaces – inside and out.

So, as the pandemic continues and people spend more time in and around their homes, improvement projects likely will persist deep into next year and beyond. Whether homeowners are doing it themselves or enlisting contractors’ help, our homes are indeed becoming central to our lives.

In particular, we see projects getting more significant as people become more comfortable in this altered lifestyle. What started as revamping flower beds and upgrading the family grill is evolving toward creation of entertaining spaces where friends and family can safely spend time together.

The overarching trend in 2021 will be to create outdoor spaces that invite gatherings formerly held around the kitchen island. Homeowners are moving the indoors outside, creating robust outdoor kitchens and seating areas. Outdoor kitchens go well beyond grills to include prep space, smokers, gas burners, beverage fridges, and more.

People are not only moving the kitchen outside but the living room as well. Seating areas, fire pits, fireplaces and even game-playing areas, are a way to extend living spaces while safely distancing with guests. 

Beyond entertaining, people are planning big, structural projects as well. Pools, spas and pergolas are sought after as homeowners look to expand how they use their property while adding long-term value to their home.

Homeowners are also enjoying gardening once again, growing vegetables and creating stunning flower beds. As people lean into rediscovering these hobbies, gardens are expanding and chicken houses are becoming all the rage.

Finally, some people are taking advantage of favorable interest rates and moving away from cities and highly urbanized areas in favor of suburbs or country living. Seeing these new homes as more central to their lives, people are transforming their spaces from adding a second home office to extending living areas to the outdoors.

These trends show no sign of slowing down. Instead, our homes will continue to become the centers of our lives as we navigate this pandemic and beyond.