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May Musings – 7 Outdoor Things to Remember to Get Your Home Ready for Spring and Summer

By Ed Ball | Published on May 13, 2019 | 3 min read

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by Ed Ball

1. PREVENT DEAD SPOTS AND WET LANDS — Get your irrigation systems on and adjusted
You want to schedule the turning-on of the irrigation systems as early as possible, but now that we’re in May just make sure they’re adjusted for spring time. You don’t want to over-use your irrigation and over-water as a consequence. Generally speaking, you’ll want to water 2-3 times a week for established properties, but keep in mind every section is a little different with shady and sunny spots to be mindful of as well.

2. WANT A NICE LAWN THIS SEASON? Don’t forget the pre-emergent and mulch
To ensure a nice lawn this season, make sure you put your pre-emergent down to keep the weeds down. To keep your property looking fresh and assist with the weed control, you’ll also probably want to add some mulch, but when you do, make sure you’re not just adding more mulch and mounding mulch on top of the base of shrubs and trees because that will choke out your trees and foliage. You want to remove old mulch and replace as necessary.

3. WANT ADDED CURB APPEAL? Find your inner green thumb and do some planting
Now is a great time to plant new shrubs, trees, perennials, things you may want for the year so keep that in mind as you take stock of your curb appeal or backyard ambience. Now is also a good time to prune after your shrubs have bloomed. For example, when azaleas bloom, you want to prune them immediately because they set their new buds for the following year almost immediately after blooming so you’ll want to stay on top of those. Remember also, perennials don’t need to be pruned. There are a lot of horticulturists out there who like to prune perennials but in my opinion let them be plants. You can prune in the spring by cutting off anything that looks dead, but that’s all you have to do. Let them grow and bloom and have their normal blooming cycle and just enjoy them for what they are. Most perennials bloom for 2-4 weeks, sometimes more depending on the season.

4. GET HOUSE READY FOR THE RAIN! Make sure gutters are clean
Traditional spring chore right but I was at a site today where the gutters and the downspout drains were full and the danger is that could potentially clog your pipes when you get heavy rains in the spring and thunderstorms during the summer, so make sure to get that off your list and get your gutters clean, and remember to check them after the heavy rains.

5. BE READY FOR FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Check your landscape lights
Have your landscape lights checked or go out and check them out yourself. You’ll want to make sure all your lights are working so you can enjoy your outdoor entertainment spaces and outdoor living spaces without a flinch.

6. WATER FEATURES, CHECK! Get your pool ready and make sure your water features are fresh and working
If you have a water feature, make sure you clean your water and get it working so you have it for the season and the year. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can certainly hire a maintenance company to clean the water and to make sure all the lines are clean, the filters are good, etc. If you have a pool, get your pool maintenance scheduled and get it ready becaue the warm water is coming.

7. MOST IMPORTANTLY! Clean your outdoor space so you enjoy your outdoor space
A clean well-kept outdoor space is an inviting outdooor space, so if you haven’t done so yet, remember to blow off the leaves, powerwash any patios or decks, and wipe the furniture so you can enjoy your outdoor living space for all its potential!

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