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Low-Maintenance Trees for Your Back Yard

By Ed Ball | Published on May 26, 2022 | 1 min read

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Trees in your backyard should give you the feeling of serenity. As you enjoy their ecological and landscape benefits, maintenance should be the least of your worries.

The great news is that there are several low-maintenance trees you can add to your back yard. All you need is a little water, fertilizer, and occasional care to enjoy their beauty.

If you want trees that create less mess with fruits, nuts, leaves, and invasive root systems, read on.

Here are five low-maintenance backyard trees that you will love.

Japanese Maple

This all-year tree that grows up to 10 feet tall and adds a beautiful contrast to the greenery. Its leaves change color throughout the year. Expect leaves of gold, green, white, and red.

All you need for maintenance is occasional watering. 


They grow up to 16 feet tall with leathery evergreen leaves and beautiful white fragrant flowers. When they blossom, they produce brown cones and bright red seeds.

They are pest free and you will only need to prune them occasionally to move dry and intertwined branches.


This medium-sized tree has beautiful short-lived springtime flowers and heart-shaped leaves. They have three varieties; deep red foliage, bright yellow foliage, and tri-colored foliage.

For maintenance, you only need to spread mulch and prune trunks and branches. The tree is heat, drought and insect resistant.

Crape Myrtle

It is also known as the “lilac of the South” and stands out for its long summer blooming. The blooming comes with flower clusters of pink, red, and white plus nice foliage.

This tree only needs an hour-long yearly pruning. It is also drought tolerant and thrives in heat and humidity.


This evergreen tree can act as a fence substitute. They can be densely packed or spaced out when planted. You will notice their bright green needles and cones which turn reddish-brown in fall.

You only need to water them daily in summer and less often in winter. Pruning is only necessary twice a year.

Whether it is crape myrtle, thuja, Japanese maple, redbud, or magnolia, low-maintenance backyard trees are great. By reducing tree maintenance needs and time, you have more time for your favorite backyard activities.