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How We Use Drones

By Ed Ball | Published on October 26, 2020 | 1 min read

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You may think of drones as more of a hobby than a tool for landscape design, but our team regularly uses drones to get a bird’s eye view of our clients’ yards.

Today’s drones have many features that can assist us in developing landscape designs. The use of high definition aerial photography can greatly expedite the design process, saving time with photography, and scheduling home visits. Not only can we use an onboard camera to capture an entire area, but drones also have GPS-supported measuring capabilities that make our work more efficient.

If you think about it, a drone can give us the same view as traditional landscape or architectural plans – from above – faster and more efficiently than a measuring tape and smartphone. When combined with our 3-D modeling services, we can provide more accurate before and after models.

We pride ourselves in taking an entire outdoor space into consideration even if we are only addressing a smaller project. It’s essential to understand the design as well as water runoff, drainage issues, and even the impact of your neighbor’s landscape on your yard. (Don’t worry, we’re not spying on your neighbors!)


Beyond the Vision

Drones also can provide project monitoring and status updates to ensure your project remains on track. It typically takes multiple specialists to complete a landscape project, and drones can be used to routinely check on progress. The same technology can be used to check maintenance or even for troubleshooting after a big storm passes through your community.

Drone use in landscape architecture is becoming more prevalent as costs decrease and integration with other technologies improve. We are continually evolving our design services to not only provide the most comprehensive landscape design possible, but before arriving onsite.

If you have reservations about drones over your home, fear not. We will always get your permission and stick to a mutually agreed upon schedule for data gathering. We will also check for utility lines and ensure that we are adhering to all local regulations relating to drones. We can even alert your neighbors of our activities. We always care for a client’s home as if it were our own!