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Favorite Outdoor Kitchen Trends

By Ed Ball | Published on January 18, 2023 | 1 min read

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1.Grill Island

Probably the most important feature every home should have is an outdoor grill! Having the ease to cook and prepare delicious meals is something necessary for any get together. A really nice idea is to have a grill island installed. The grill island would feature a fully luxurious grill with fridge, cabinet space and trash compartment. Customize your island with the finishing you want such as stone graphite, stone chalk, stone terra and more. Cooking with ease is important!

2.Refreshment Bar island

Entertaining outdoors is nothing without nice cool refreshments. Having not only the space to create your favorite drinks but also clean up any mess is why having a bar island is critical to any outdoor kitchen. Being able to install a sink with custom bar finishes like cooler, condiment tray, bottle opener and towel hook is all essential. Being able to give guests a full experience in the comfort of your backyard.

3.Outdoor Refrigerator

Keeping your own stock outside to lessen the stress of going in and out is also a huge necessity in any backyard kitchen. Knowing you have full stock of what you need to host, prep, cook and enjoy for guests can all be stored in the luxurious outdoor fridge. Having space to ensure food is kept chilled and prepped is also a huge plus when having guests over during hot summer days. 

Be sure to start looking at your outdoor kitchens, and if you don’t yet have one installed let us know. We can help plan, design and create the perfect flow for you and your home.