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Essentials for a Welcoming Front Porch

By Ed Ball | Published on June 05, 2020 | 2 min read

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We are taught how important first impressions are, and that’s exactly the role of your front yard and entryway. Leaving the bigger conversation of curb appeal aside, a welcoming front porch is your first chance to tell guests, “Come in, we’re glad you’re here.”

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to create a delightful front porch without breaking the bank, starting with spending more time out front.

It used to be that people gathered on their front porches, keeping up with neighborhood news, and talking to people as they walked by. Today, many of us rarely use the front door, opting for a side entrance or garage instead. With this decreased usage, we might forget what it’s like to experience our home through the perspective of a guest.

It’s time to get reacquainted with our front door. Walk the same path as guests and notice what it’s like to move from the car to the front door. Is it inviting? Is it well maintained? Would you want to hang out and have your morning coffee on your front porch? Maybe not.

One way to think of your porch is to treat it like any other room in your house. Depending on available space you may be able to furnish it with a seating area and outdoor rug to create a comfy space to enjoy your front yard. Choose colors that not only compliment your home but are seasonally appropriate.

Add plants to your porch and change them with the seasons as well. A collection of beautiful planters of various shapes and size can reflect your style and design sense. Have a love of vintage finds? Plant vintage tins and use them throughout. Have a farmhouse flair? Bring in milk cans or repurpose items as planters.

Don’t neglect the walls, ceiling, and door of your porch. A fresh coat of paint and a new color scheme can do wonders even if you’re not ready to paint the entire house. It used to be tradition to paint porch ceilings the color of the sky, but today anything goes. Give your front door a pop of color and a preview of what is to come when guests step inside.

Embrace the holidays and “wear” your enthusiasm on your porch. Flag day, family birthdays and Thanksgiving are among all great reasons to decorate your porch just as you would the inside of your home. 

Some porches are the perfect spot for an afternoon nap. So, set up a day bed that can double as a cozy couch or a nap zone and fill it with colorful pillows. If there’s space you can hang a hammock – just be sure you have room to swing a bit.

Don’t forget the little touches to personalize your porch. Add a doormat with personality, change up your wreath or door decoration with the seasons, hang a sign, or other wall decoration. Make your porch an extension of your home and make it a welcoming spot all will want to visit.