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Ed Ball Landscape Architecture is going DRONE!

By Ed Ball | Published on September 18, 2017 | 1 min read

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Drones are cool… that’s a given. And by now, you either know someone who has a drone or has a kid that has a drone.

But when it comes to LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE or any outdoor renovation project, it turns out DRONES can be very practical devices, as well.

And that is why Ed Ball Landscape Architecture is taking the lead into drone technology. E.B.L.A. is experimenting with various applications  and have in fact already begun rolling out Feasibility Studies featuring the drone surveys and reports.

“Drones literally provide the “bird’s eye view” we often long for, but rarely get to see,” Ed Ball explains.

Depending on your site, an aerial vantage point of the project may be the only true way to get a feel for the “big picture” of what you are trying to build in your outdoor space.

“Landscape Architects that do not use drones, especially for certain types of bigger projects, are essentially operating half-blind,” says Ball.

But Ed Ball plans to not only just use his drones for his Landscape Architect projects in Northern Virginia and beyond. “Not only will we be using drones to serve our clients better, but we are also providing drone services B2B, even for other landscape architects and construction companies!”

If you would like Ed Ball’s drones to check out the lay of your land to see what’s possible, contact Ed Ball here!