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Eco-friendly Outdoor Additions

By Ed Ball | Published on December 30, 2022 | 1 min read

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Whether you plan to put your house on the market or make a few additional touches for yourself, choosing to have an eco-friendly outdoor space is the way to go. It not only allows you to create a beautiful space but reduces your carbon footprint which goes a long way toward safeguarding and restoring your environment. 

There are several eco-friendly outdoor additions available. Here are five you should consider to make your outdoor space more eco-friendly. 


Use native plants 

Choosing native plants that are familiar with and grow in your environment is a great way to have thriving plants that are easy to maintain. They require less water and create a conducive outdoor space for wildlife and birds that add attractive sights and sounds to your yard.

Choose eco-friendly furniture 

When you shop for furniture, you should look for furniture made from sustainable materials. These materials include recycled plastic and reclaimed wood. Some great low-maintenance wood options include eucalyptus hardwood, teak, and acacia hardwood. 

Add a turf 

Adding turf will eliminate the need for maintenance which requires using harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer. More so, you will also reduce your yard’s water consumption, the time, and the resources you spend on maintenance. 

Solar lights

Solar lights will benefit your outdoor space by adding safety and security by lighting your pathways and garden. Additionally, they add beauty to your yard with their soft glow and add lighting when you host guests for parties. 

Solar lights are also easy to maintain so you will spend less time and money to make sure they work well through their lifetime. 

Use reclaimed water 

Setting up a rainwater harvesting system can help you use reclaimed water. Rain from runoff spots can be diverted into barrels where it can be used for your garden and plants. 

An eco-friendly outdoor space will not only be great for the environment but adds savings, especially in maintenance. It also adds beauty to your outdoor space that makes spending time in your outdoor space more enjoyable for guests, family, and yourself.