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Eco-friendly landscape additions create a sustainable landscape while protecting the environment

By Ed Ball | Published on June 30, 2022 | 1 min read

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Eco-friendly landscape additions create a sustainable landscape while protecting the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

More so, they reduce costs and time since they may automate your work and reduce maintenance. 

There are several different eco-friendly landscape additions, here are five of them:


Composting helps with two things. It acts as a natural fertilizer and reduces garbage disposal. All you need is a warm, partly sunny area with soil to make your own. The ingredients include fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, newspapers, wood shavings, weeds, and cardboard.

You will have compost in a few months.

If you do not want to make your own, you can buy from your local hardware or garden store. 


Mulch will benefit your landscape in many ways. It adds aesthetic value, reduces water uptake, and prevents weeds from growing. 

You can buy mulch or make your own using coconut fibers or bark. Once you apply it to the soil, it decomposes into the soil on its own. 

Install a sprinkler system 

Eliminating the use of water is impossible, but you can do it more efficiently. A sprinkler system will help you set a time and application rate that will reduce water usage and can even irrigate roots specifically with a drip irrigation system. 

With automatic watering systems, you will have more time to be able to focus on other activities in your schedule. 


Rather than disposing of items in the garbage, you can think of ways you can use some of them in your garden. Items like newspapers and paper bags can be useful for a vegetable or flower garden. They can also be used as mulch to limit weed growth. 

Other materials that may be great for recycling and reuse include recycled concrete, terra cotta bricks, adobe bricks, natural stones, and rocks.

Synthetic grass

This does not sound like the most ideal eco-friendly addition. But, synthetic grass will save you both in landscape cost and maintenance. You do not need to water and add fertilizer to keep it lush and green. 

Whether it’s kids, pets, or family, artificial grass is a very durable option for a space with heavy foot traffic. 

With the right eco-friendly landscape additions, you can have your dream landscape while impacting your environment positively.