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Bioretention, Rain Gardens, Dry Wells and Drainage Solutions

By Ed Ball | Published on October 19, 2022 | 1 min read

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Stormwater run-off is a headache for your yard and home if managed poorly. Done poorly, you can suffer water clogging, damage to piping and water accumulation.

Most water drainage issues are a result of two types of water; surface and sub-surface water. Surface water collects above ground in pools and puddles while sub-surface water collects and gets trapped underground.

You need to manage excess water correctly to avoid costly damage and inconvenience. Fortunately, there are several bioretention solutions you can use to drain water safely and effectively.

You can choose from rain gardens, dry wells, rain barrels, french drains and dry creeks.

Rain Gardens

They are graded depressions filled with permeable material that help drain water runoff from parking lots, sidewalks or paved surfaces. Without them, you may have challenges like pavement penetration, walking hazards and ponding issues.

They are great for removing water pollutants, slowing water movement and allowing water to seep into the soil. Where it does not seep into the soil, the water can be transferred to overflow inlets or storm drains.

Dry Wells

Dry wells are big ditches surrounded by concrete and brick walls. The bottom is left open to allow for water to drain through percolation. While using dry wells, you must ensure they are deep and wide enough. Most efficient dry wells are 30 to 70 feet deep and about 3-feet wide.

They prevent pollution and erosion runoff from draining into streams and lakes. Plus, if you are looking to recover some water, they can return water to aquifers up to 5-feet per year equivalent to water for 10 households.

Rain barrels

Rain barrels are a great option for rain draining from the pipes in the roof. You can collect this water in barrels and later, reuse it for any other purpose such as watering garden plants.

There are several other solutions including french drains, dry creeks and fabric drain mats. Before choosing, consider the best for your budget and drainage needs.