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Best Water Features for Your Yard

By Ed Ball | Published on July 15, 2022 | 1 min read

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To give your yard the feeling of solitude, peace, and comfort, you should equip it with the right features. When homeowners think of features, they usually think of an outdoor kitchen, gazebo, and furniture. But what else could they add?

Water features are a must-have for a great yard. Here are five water features you should add to your yard to create a serene ambiance. 


Besides being a terrific aesthetic for your yard, fountains add moisture to the air during hot summer days. Your guests, plants and animals can enjoy the relief and relaxation that comes with the cooler air. 

A good fountain should be built with the goal of water conservation. This means the water from the fountain should feed back into it instead of using new water.

Options include a Japanese waterfall, wall or spouting fountains. 


Ponds add a natural feel to your yard plus they may come with vegetation, and fish or other animal life. But if that is not for you, you can leave those out and have an empty pond that will still give you the serenity you want. 


One of the most photographed features in nature is a waterfall. Adding one to your yard can remind you of nature’s wonders.

Waterfalls may come with more than one pool with the smallest pool at the top. This creates a flow for the waterfall effect. You may also add rocks and boulders and choose how you want it to flow through your yard. 

Hot tub

While most of the ideas so far are for aesthetics, hot tubs are geared toward entertaining. Your friends and family can have some rest and relaxation after a long week. 

You can get generic or custom-built tubs, we recommend building a small deck around the hot tub to prevent it from being an eyesore.

Whatever your yard needs you can choose from a variety of water features including hot tubs, ponds, fountains, streams, and waterfalls to give your yard that extra zest.