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8 Reasons you Need a Pergola

By Ed Ball | Published on October 02, 2022 | 2 min read

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“Pergola” sounds so fancy, doesn’t it?

Technically, a pergola is an arched structure in a garden or park covered with trailing plants. But nowadays pergolas come in many shapes and sizes, with many applications in your landscape.

Here are eight uses for a pergola in your landscape:

Mark a Transition

As an archway, pergolas are perfect for moving from one area to another – say from the front yard to the back. Walking under the structure provides you and your guests with a passage to a new zone. Such transitions help connect disparate sections of your landscape, yet create unity.

Add Height

By design, pergolas add height to the landscape, especially when covered with trailing plants. Often garden plants top out around three feet high, so adding a structure provides architectural interest as well as an anchor for a beautiful vignette.

Lend Dimension

A pergola at the end of a space can make it appear as though it continues. Add some stepping stones to give the illusion as though there is a secret passage to a hidden garden, thereby extending your space.

Winter Interest

In many landscapes, winter can make otherwise lush gardens seem bare. Adding a pergola provides permanent, year-round architectural interest – plus it looks idyllic dusted in snow! Pergolas also look beautiful when adorned with holiday lights and flanked with evergreens.

Beyond the Arch

Pergolas can be any size you desire – even large enough to cover an entire living area. Consider your needs first, then work with your designer to create the perfect solution. They also can serve many purposes, from purely decorative to highly functional.

Define an Area

Perhaps you have an outdoor kitchen or want to create a designated dining space – incorporate a pergola. The size and shape will give your area both an inviting look and create a destination in your landscape.

Frame a View

A pergola set in the right area can serve as a frame for a beautiful view. Think about how you want to experience your view, from what angles and build a stunning frame around it.

Throw Shade

While pergolas are typically open on top, the slatted style is effective in creating shade. Place a pergola over any area where you will want to be able to enjoy the outdoors, even when the sun is shining its brightest. Add fairy lights to extend your gathering into the evening. A pergola adds dappled shade and a place for flowering vines to grow.