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7 Reasons Why 3D Illustrations Are Your Best Friend When It Comes to Exterior Home Renovations and Construction

By Ed Ball | Published on August 31, 2018 | 3 min read

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by Ed Ball

1. 3D is better than 2D!
For starters, even though we may not all prefer 3D at the movie theatre, when it comes to landscape design and home construction, a 3D virtual illustration is always better than 2D drawing. For starters, it’s difficult for people to look at 2D drawings and then re-imagine it in 3 dimensions. We observe our world in 3D, not two dimensions. And yet, many designers still only present their plans in 2D form which is an equivalent to an amusement park map or Google map. Sure, 2D is great for navigating yourself around and getting a feel for layout, but in order to truly get a feel for the space and ensure a finished project that you love, a 3D model and perspective is required.


2. Get a “feel” for the design and affirm your ideas!
My clients often say things like “wow, this seems so realistic” or “wow, it feels like I’m standing right there” or something similar. The great thing about offering various 3D perspectives and points of view is that some of the illustrations will actually make you feel like you are walking within the design. That feedback is very powerful form my clients in that they are able to affirm their ideas and concepts and truly “get a feel” for the design by tapping into their own emotional responses to that design.

3. Catch the flaws!
Are we going in the right direction? Does this look right? Sometimes, what sounds good in concept doesn’t look good in reality or won’t function practically. For example, a client may realize, “actually, I’m not going to want to walk around over here to get to over there” or often my clients will realize they want more elements or features added to the design such as a water feature or outdoor kitchen. Thanks to 3D illustrations, however, we can experience a virtual reality before any construction begins. Consequently, we can catch incongruities or flaws in the design early in the process.

4. Smooth and efficient construction!
In addition to affirming the design concepts and catching any flaws early in the process, 3D Illustrations allows for a more efficient work flow and faster finish. Because we have worked through a lot of details in the design phase via a three-dimensional understanding, we are able to streamline the construction phase into a more efficient operation. When constructing based on 2D drawings, it is more likely for delays in construction due to unforeseen or undesirable results.

5. Save Money!
3D illustrations affirm your ideas; they enable us to catch the flaws, and they allow for a more streamlined construction process. And the good news is that ultimately the client saves money because naturally as we reduce waste – time, effort, materials, etc. – that efficiency correlates to savings passed on to the client.

6. It’s exciting!
It’s exciting to see what your home property has the potential to look like. And what’s great about the 3D renderings is that they really give life to a project and allow the homeowner to truly participate in the creation process. That’s pretty cool. Some clients are more involved than others, but nevertheless, there is a team effort dynamic between myself and my client that exists as we create that dream outdoor living space which will be enjoyed for years to come.

7. Confidence in spending the money!
Everybody works really hard for their dollar and being comfortable with the costs of a project and how they’re spending the money is obviously very important to most folks. The last thing you want is to finish a project you spent tens of thousands of dollars on and then realize that you don’t love it. Because if you don’t love it, you won’t use the space, and eventually whatever was built will be eventually torn down or become unused space. And it is perhaps in this regard that 3D virtual illustrations offer their greatest benefit – which is that the 3D gives you confidence to spend the money! That is because you have already virtually “seen” it and refined it and it is my job to help you do that in a way that provides you an outdoor living space that is practical, beautiful, and enjoyable for many years to come.


About Ed Ball Landscape Architecture’s 3D Illustrations

If you are interested in bringing your exterior home ideas to life, Ed Ball’s 3D virtual illustrations will transform your concepts into a virtual 3D reality. Generally speaking, it takes 2-3 weeks to design the renderings after the consultation phase.

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