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7 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Trying in 2019!

By Ed Ball | Published on January 03, 2019 | 3 min read

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by Ed Ball

New Years Resolutions by Ed Ball

Most people would probably agree that New Year’s resolutions are mostly broken rather than kept — that said, below are some of my favorite alternative resolutions for 2019 that may be worth a try!

Note: I will ignore losing weight or exercing more or eating healthier which seem to be on everybody’s list

1. Get More Digitally Organized!

“Getting more organized” will mean different things to different people obviously but there’s no doubt that getting more organized, as a general rule, is a wise pursuit that will lead to more efficiency in life so here are some ways to begin doing so, digitally speaking in 2019:

  • Delete junk files and organize digital files on personal computer
  • Delete unread or never-to-be-read email and create folders to organize archived email
  • Organize personal photos (TIP FOR AMAZON PRIME MEMBERS: Use Amazon Photos free cloud service specifically for personal photos and view on your TV as a screensaver kind of deal!

2. Upgrade your Sleep Situation!

We spend a third of our life sleeping so it makes sense that one area worth “upgrading” would be in the area of sleep. Some ways to upgrade your sleep situation are:

  • Buy higher thread-count sheets
  • Buy pillows that are “just right” — not too soft, not too hard
  • If you sleep with a spouse and you snore, try different snoring solutions
  • Get a new mattress, don’t forget to rotate mattressses to even wear and tear
  • Try listening to ambient sounds or white noise to get to sleep faster
  • Try electronic sleep monitors to track sleep cycles and quality of sleep

3. Discover a Podcast and Multi-Task!

    I am personally a fan of podcasts (health, business, entrepreneurship). If you have never tried it, finding a podcast on a favorite subject can be very enjoyable and a great way to compliment a walk in the morning or as an audio companion while working or cooking. Podcasts can be found on someone’s website or on a larger platform like iTunes. Below are some to check out:

  • Tim Ferris
  • Ted Talks
  • Online Marketing Made Easy
  • Tribe of Mentors
  • Dave Ramsey

4. Go Paperless, Automate Billing More!

It’s 2019, so if you haven’t tried going paperless with your bills and are still opening snail mail, perhaps this year is the year you finally automate and streamline your bills even more than you do now!

5. Read More Books!

Successful people are avid learners. Warren Buffet supposedly spends 80% of his day reading. “It builds like compound interest,” he says. So while it may be an “oldie” and a classic leisure activity, its also good to know that reading books is still a “goodie” and worthy of any New Year’s resolutions list for 2019! Books I’m reading:

  • Profit First (Mike Michalowicz)
  • 1434 Gavin Menzies
  • Extreme Ownership
  • Gary vee (Gary Vaynergchuk)
  • The Map
  • Good To Great

6. Reduce Environment Impact and Increase Sustainability!

As someone who likes to be mindful of sustainability concepts when working on a residential project, here are some suggestions for those who are trying to be more ECO-FRIENDLY in 2019:

  • Recycle or reuse paper, plastic, etc.
  • Learn how to re-use rain water or return water to the ground water table rather than letting it run off your property and impact others
  • Learn how to reduce your water use as a whole
  • Reduce electricity usage, perhaps add smart devices to turn off power when you are not using them
  • Plant trees to increase water infiltration rates and reduce the ambient temperature to enjoy the outdoors more and reduce electricity usage

7. Live Outdoors More!

Of course, you knew I had to go here, but I truly believe that upgrading your outdoor home environment and transforming it into an attractive livable space can have a very positive impact on the quality of your life and for your family. Living outdoors more allows for more fresh air and sunshine and adds another dimension to home life!

If you are interested in bringing your exterior home ideas to life, send inquiries to: or call (703) 433-1863