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5 Outdoor Home Improvement Projects to Help Increase Your Home’s Value

By Ed Ball | Published on April 09, 2022 | 1 min read

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Looking to increase the value of your home? Does your house need an updated curb appeal? Simply want to add some more backyard features? It may be the perfect time to consider some outdoor home improvements.

With the right improvements, you can reignite the spark you once felt for your home.

There are many outdoor home improvements you can make but some are more rewarding than others. So, you have to be strategic. You want to make improvements that will give you the most value.

Here are five outdoor home improvement projects to consider.

Add a Deck or Patio

A patio or deck is a great extension to your house. It is the foundation for all of your cooking, entertainment, and hosting. You may have it attached or detached from the house depending on your preference and house dynamics.

Add a Pergola

If you love being outdoors, you know shade from the sun is important. A pergola is not only the perfect shade from the sun but great for that open-air feeling. Add retractable fabrics and other accessories to create a custom home feel.

Add an Outdoor kitchen

Take the cooking outdoors by adding an outdoor kitchen. A great outdoor kitchen should have premium grills, custom cabinets, amazing countertops, and other cooking and refrigeration accessories. 

Do Some Landscaping

Many landscaping activities can improve your outdoor living space. Something as simple as mulching and planting trees can make a big difference. walkways, stone planters, and lights should also be considered to show off your landscape as they increase your home’s value.

Plant a Garden

While you can get your food from the store, you can grow some at home. To do that, you can plant a garden of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You should plant them in a demarcated area of your outdoor space.

Whether you plant them into the soil or use raised sheds is a matter of preference and outdoor space.

These outdoor improvements not only create an outdoor space can be proud of, and enjoy – they can also increase the value of your home.


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