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5 Best Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

By Ed Ball | Published on June 08, 2022 | 1 min read

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When you think of cooking in the fresh air with a cool drink on the porch while hosting a couple of guests, few things come to mind faster than having an outdoor kitchen. And few things get the job done as well as a properly accessorized outdoor kitchen.

Perhaps you cannot have all the accessories at first, but you need the essentials. So start with a few. And as your budget and house size increases, add more.  

What are some of the features to make your outdoor kitchen memorable? Which should you start with?

Barbecue Grill

Show off your master grilling skills with a barbecue grill. You can make burgers and your favorite meats while entertaining guests. Choosing the right grill will depend on the size, fuel type and area you want to place it.

Pizza Oven

A pizza oven allows you to make your favorite pizzas in the comfort of your home. Add extra cheese, chicken – even pineapple. You can choose between portable pizza ovens for a tight budget or go all out with a wood-fired pizza oven.


Having a range with a full cooktop and oven for all your cooking needs is more and more becoming a must-have. Whether it be salads, main dishes or baked goods, a range is a great one-stop accessory for preparing your outdoor kitchen meals.


Smokers enhance the flavor of many foods, especially meats. Other foods benefit from smokers such as cheeses, olives and fruits. They are a must-have for rich flavored food.


A bar is a necessity if you love an evening drink by yourself or with friends. You can mix different cocktails or host a bartender for bigger parties. All of your alcohol stock and accessories can be conveniently stored at your bar for easy access.

Value-adding accessories like a range, bar, smoker, pizza oven and barbecue grill will turn your outdoor kitchen into a sanctuary for family, guests or your own indulgence.