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3-D Visualizations for Spring Work

By Ed Ball | Published on October 26, 2020 | 2 min read

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Cooler months are the perfect time for spring project planning. With a 3-D visualization we can help you plan your spring projects.

Ever blankly stare at a set of architectural plans? You’re not alone. While landscape designers and architects are fluent with the drawings and symbols that make up a design plan, we realize not everyone can imagine how their new backyard will look after looking at a two-dimensional design plan.

Thankfully, technology is readily available to help with this task. 3-D modeling allows us to transform our shared vision for your landscape into a three-dimensional model so you can accurately visualize how your dream space will come to life. 3-D landscape modeling allows us to show you details that are not available in traditional plans. Want to see how that new grill will look with the Virginia Bluestone? We can show you!


Technology and Spring Projects

Most landscape companies do not invest in technology in this way and instead put the onus on the homeowner to imagine the finished project. However, we continually find that by showing our clients 3-D landscape designs, it’s easier – and faster – to clarify project goals and scope while providing a preview of the future for a space.

Computer modeling also allows us to make changes and share options much faster, and more accurately, than traditional plans. Want to see some different tree options? Not sure how that tile will look in the outdoor kitchen? We can show you on the screen quickly and easily.

Another advantage of 3-D landscape design is the ability to show how the sun will hit your space throughout the day or even show nighttime lighting schemes. In this region, summers can be hot, and entertaining often stretches into the evenings, so these factors should be considered.

3-D plans help bring the project to life, and they help convey to the homeowner how the project will unfold, from the first phase to the last. This is immensely useful in communicating timelines and milestones while avoiding missed expectations.


Start Planning

While 3-D landscape design is more efficient, it still takes time to envision, scope, and create design plans. We will want to visit your property, conduct several meetings, and develop an understanding of your goals and desires before starting our modeling.

If you have a dream for your yard in the new year, now is the time to start the conversations and plan development to ensure your space is underway once the robins return to our region!