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2020 Trends in Eco-Friendly Materials

By Ed Ball | Published on January 20, 2020 | 2 min read

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Every decade has its trends.

100 years ago, the front yard was considered the front-facing image of the family. The areas were inviting, surrounded by perennials instead of fences, and designed to draw more nature to the 1920s homes.

Going into 2020, the trend for sustainable, eco-friendly materials expands into landscaping elements from man-made stone to using turf grass in creative applications. In addition, homeowners want to reduce maintenance so they can spend more time enjoying their yards instead of working in them.

Depending on your goals, there are multiple products on the market to help you achieve your dream yard.

These products come in many price points and can also solve various landscape challenges to enable you to enjoy every corner of your property without becoming enslaved with maintenance when you’d rather be kicking back.

Man-Made Stone

Most landscaping designs include stone to balance materials and add texture. Stone patios, walls, outdoor fireplaces, and walkways are popular ways to incorporate natural materials into the landscape. Now, yards have even more choices when it comes to hardscape as man-made stone has become more available.

Man-made or manufactured stone (we love Boral products) is usually a mix of concrete blended with aggregates and pigments which can be customized based on style and design. Materials are cast in models to resemble real stone and the results are exceptional and versatile.

Manufactured stone varies in price so while it can be economical, it can also be as expensive as the real deal. However, if you are concerned with the environmental impact of quarrying stone along with the carbon footprint of transport, man-made stone can give you an eco-friendly option that is fully customizable.

Note on pricing: Man-made stone can be more expensive than the real deal. It just depends on what style you select.

Synthetic Turf

Nearly every landscaping design contains some amount of open, green space, usually in the form of a grass lawn.

While grass can be beautiful and luxurious, it requires significant maintenance, mowing, fertilizers, and water to look its best. Pets, heavy rain, and excessive traffic can easily damage lawns, leaving behind dead spots and muddy areas.

Synthetic turf has come a long way and offers homeowners a chance to ditch the work in favor of a green space that requires almost no care. Many brands are made from recycled materials and hold up well for play areas, dog runs, and landscaping. At EBLA, we like to use SYNLawn since it’s bio-based.

Further, it is an excellent solution for open areas where grass historically doesn’t grow. Synthetic turf checks all the boxes; it’s eco-friendly, made from recycled materials, conserves water, eliminates the need for chemicals, and never needs to be mowed.

Be sure to share your goals with your landscape designer to create a yard that minimizes water use, is low-maintenance and incorporates solutions for problem areas as well as high traffic.

Together, you can create an oasis that feels like an escape instead of one that adds to your chosen list!