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10 Remarkable Landscape Design Ideas

By Ed Ball | Published on November 25, 2022 | 1 min read

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Looking for inspiration for your outdoor space? Here are 10 of our favorite landscape design features.

1. Garden Bridge. An uplit bridge over your creek or pond looks magical. Although you could choose a strictly decorative bridge that isn’t meant for foot traffic, many homeowners go for sturdier bridges that can withstand years of use.

2. Boxwood Border. Compact varieties of this hedge look neat and structured when they edge your lawn or garden beds.

3. Personal Putting Green. It’s easy to practice your golf game when you have a putting green in your yard.

4. Fountain. The relaxing sound of water can turn your yard into an oasis. A freestanding fountain makes an excellent focal point for a large yard.

5. Koi Pond. Installing a koi pond is another way to bring calm to your space. Don’t say we didn’t warn you how mesmerizing it is to watch the fish swim among the water lilies and water lotus.

6. Flower Wall. A living wall can be planted to provide privacy or serve as a sound barrier. Flower walls can be designed to look dramatic on their own or to be a backdrop for another design feature.

7. Poolside Pergola. You’ll have plenty of shade when you’re relaxing by the pool under your pergola. By growing climbing plants like honeysuckle or clematis on your pergola, you can increase your shade.

8. Fire Pit. Add seating around your fire pit and you’ve just created a conversation area.

9. Illuminated Walkway. In addition to looking great, landscape lighting literally shows your guests the way to navigate your yard.

10. Paver Pattern. Pavers come in a variety of colors. You can arrange them in your pattern of choice.

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